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Monday, January 21, 2008

A disappointing turn of events....but there is a bright side to the picture.

Less than 48 hours after The BRG Blog debuted on the web, Triprewards must have been swamped with requests for the Seattle Days Inn BRG, so much that they seem to have negotiated with to prevent the pre-tax rate being shown on that site. I do not think this is a coincidence, being a long time user of and having it always show taxes before this moment. For those who are unaware, sending a BRG request based on "total" rates is a guaranteed no-no. Rates must be pre tax for a BRG to even be considered by the kind folks over at head office in Aberdeen, SD.

But there is light at the end of this tunnel. Fortunately, the referral link from seems to still be showing the pre-tax rates. I've contacted for an exact explanation of what seems to be the problem here, after all, it may just be a bad change for that coincided with this BRG opportunity. For those who are claiming this BRG, try not to mention you are accessing Skoosh via Kayak, as this may negate all future claims based on rates and would make this blog much less exciting in the future.

Please do your part and email asking for the "pre tax rates" to be shown to all users of their site. Public pressure is key here.


Anonymous said...

Well, I was just looking for hotels in Louisville and see that the Ramada Sellersburg comes up for June 27 on Skoosh and it shows the breakdown of the price as base price plus taxes on the Skoosh website, so maybe they have fixed this? James (jl5555)

Anonymous said...

Hey, one more comment. Apparently, if you arrive at Skoosh by clicking through Kayak it shows the breakdown of the price on Skoosh. Otherwise it does not! Odd!!! James (jl5555)

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

This won't matter anymore - tax or no tax, Skoosh now uses vouchers and thus is ineligible for ANY claims on the Wyndham Rewards Best Rate Guarantee. The site is dead for all intents and purposes.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

I noticed the Kayak thing too, and took full advantage of it to get my claims approved. Sadly, since Skoosh uses vouchers, its no longer useful in any way, shape, or form.