Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Multiple Nights? Sure, why not!

Perhaps the biggest misconception of the BRG program is that you only get one night free. How can you make a vacation with just one free night? Don't let this naive thinking enter your mind!

Here's how...

Sure, they one-night stays on paper, but there are easy ways to stay more than one night and still play by the rules. The Wyndham Rewards BRG terms and conditions state:

Only one free room night will be offered per stay. A stay is any number of consecutive nights spent at the same hotel, even if the result of more than one reservation.

To be more precise, that is one free night per stay per person/unique address. If you have a friend or travel partner who lives at a different address and has a different last name, feel free to book every-other-night under your name, and the same for them. Thus, you can stay 8 nights in a row if you really want. In my experiences, I've never had a problem - just make sure the respective person is checking in on their respective reservations. No one can tell you who can stay in your room with you, and who can't.

Another way to do it even MORE legitimately is to find two BRG opportunities in the same city - I've done this several times. Under your name, you may book one hotel for every-other-day and the same for another hotel. Then, as long as you don't mind shifting back and forth between hotels, you can enjoy a two week stay for free.

Remember, due to the new rules implemented on July 25, 2008, you are now limited to 10 free room claims per month (one per chain). All of your multiple nights (at the same hotel) would need to be booked over the course of several months. With two or three travel partners, this can be expedited.

Your best bet is to plan your trips at least 6 months in advance. Me and my family have not paid for a hotel in over two years, because we always find the hotels we need. They always come up eventually for the dates we need - everything works out in the end. You just need to be persistent in your searching, and give yourself enough time to plan things out perfectly.

Remember, 10 free nights per month is 120 free nights per year. That is plenty - you just need enough time to arrange them in a suitable manner.


Marek said...

Does this BRG trick work also outside USA?

David said...

Ever since September 1, 2007 or so, Triprewards limit the free nights to Canada and the USA. This was disappointing on my recent trip overseas, where I had a couple nights confirmed before the change in terms and conditions but couldn't end up using them on those dates. So, I couldn't reapply to get them.

Marek said...

so not even one free night in Singapore?:(

David said...

unfortunately, no :(

Chau said...

Hi, Great blog! I want to book 2 rooms for 6 adults for 3 days in a Triprewards hotel in Montreal Canada and I am able to find a lower rate at a competitor website. Can you please tell me if I can get 2 rooms for multiple days? Should I just book 2 rooms in different names or does the BRG work for 2 rooms for a single night under the same name?

Miguel said...

Hey BRG Blog! I have a few questions which I'm sure a lot of other people have:

1. The way this page is written is kind of confusing because it is updated at the end. At first it says that you can do back to back stays (for up to two weeks) if you have a friend you can alternate with. Then it says that the new rules of July 25 now states that you can only do 10 free rooms a month- and only one per chain. Assuming you have one travel partner, doesn't that now mean that you can only really stay in one particular hotel for two consecutive days for free before you have to move to another hotel? You have mentioned "back-to-back" under the July 28 changes as well, so it has become quite confusing.

2. The second question I have is regarding the new 10 free rooms/month rule. Is it one free room per chain per calendar month, or is it "every 30 days"? If it is the former, then technically you could get a room on the 31st of the month and then again for the 1st of the month (so two days in a row). Which is it?

3. AND if the former is true, then can you make two reservations under one name for the same hotel? For example, make a reservation for John Doe on oct.31 for one room, then checkout and then checkin the same hotel but different room category on nov.1 for the second free room?

Miguel said...

I forgot to ask the other question. I have four credit cards. 1)my name with CDN address, 2)my name with US address, 3) my middle name with different CDN address than #1 4)my middle name with different US address than #2.

Can't I simply make four different reservations on 4 consecutive days? Or will they create a fuss at the hotel when they realize that its the same exact person?

Is it one reservation per month per brand per unique person OR per unique credit card/address?

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Hello Miguel,

We understand how confusing a lot of the information that we wrote in the past can be in the present day with all the new rules. I'll clarify, and try to go through some of these old postings and update the information.

I'll answer your questions:

1) You can no longer alternate a two week stay with a friend, unless you have many months to plan ahead. You can use your 1 Ramada claim per month for stays on January 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, but it will take you 5 months to create that. You can also claim Days Inn for January 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 - but again, that 10 night stay will take you 5 months to create when following the rules. You may be able to slip some by them by using your middle name and an alternate address, but in general, it's become difficult to fool them.

You can stay in the same hotel, too, if you and your friend both claim for the Ramada (ie you 1, 3, 5, 7) and he (2,4,6,8). Each of those would be within the T&C's. But, this would take 4 months to form.

2. The rule is one claim per chain per calender month. You may have one claim approved in September, and one in October. It doesn't matter when in the month - you can have a claim approved September 30 and another on October 1. BUT you can never get two nights in a row under your name for the same hotel, regardless of when the claim was submitted.

3. No, you may not stay at the same hotel under your same name two times in a row. You can have two stays every other day, but not a stay every day.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

The hotel will never give you fuss - it's getting it past the Wyndham BRG claims staff that is the issue.

It is entirely address that matters when claiming a BRG. If you claim a room as John Doe, using Canada address #1, and then your wife, Jane Doe, claims using Canada address #1, her claim will be denied. It doesn't matter that she is she and you are you - its the address that counts.

If you make a reservation as John Doe with Canada Address #1, and John Doe as USA Address #1, your claims will be approved. You'll face less scrutiny if you use your middle name and a different address, that is almost foolproof.

Anonymous said...


When you alternate with a friend, do you have to check out of the room everyday?

Thanks for a great blog,

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Yes, you do, as per the BRG Terms and Conditions - limit one stay per person.