Monday, April 28, 2008

(Disappointing) Update on the Wyndham Situation

It seems there is something more to this story than meets the eye.

I've recieved emails from readers asserting "pshh, you can get claims approved on the cancellable Best Available Rates, what are you talking about?". They didn't further elaborate how or why. Based on this, I went to the Wyndham BRG website and saw them mention their "New WWW Guarantee". So, I instantly assumed something had changed (since their guarantee has been around for years and years).

In talking with one of my most trusted contributors, George, he's told me that he's heard of this happening, and that the claims were initially rejected but were processed on the second round. According to him, it largely depends on the agent involved. Your mileage may vary.

In any case, it doesn't hurt to try. But, I'm pretty sure that 1) Some people are screwing with my mind, and 2) The verified cases were mistakes on the part of the agents.

It looks like my announcement was made in haste and based on bum information. Let's be frank, I was pretty excited. I should have investigated further, but myself, I'd have probably not have done any claims for a couple of weeks, so I'm glad someone found out it's invalid when they did.

So, most disappointedly, we're back to square one. Wyndham BRGs must be the prepaid Webrates (or you must be a very lucky person and get a clueless agent).

Sorry to disappoint. I'm sad too.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the readers claiming refunds for non-refundable rates are confused. These work (and as far as I know, always have) for WINGATE by Wyndham hotels but not for Wyndham hotels.

David said...

Some readers didn't specify their winning claims, so this could very well be. But, I was forwarded two cases of valid claim emails for Wyndham resorts, as well as an assertion from a trusted source. So, it may be a mix of both.

George said...

The case of a successful claim that I was made aware of via a reliable source was the Anaheim, CA Wyndham property via the 10% summer sale. What made the approved claim special was the fact that a cancellable "Best Available Rate" of $89 was used for claim purposes (using's $72 rate for the claim) rather than the non-cancellable $80 webrate. The claim was approved on the second try, denied initially, then approved. Now, it could have been a case of an agent approving it by mistake, but since this particular method of using the cancellable rate comes with zero risk it would be well worth a try for someone planning to travel to Anaheim during the period of's "10% Summer Sale" for this particular property.

David said...

Thanks for the update, George. I agree - it doesn't hurt to try.

BearlyAmusing said...

I filed a claim using the Anaheim Park location ($109 "best", $88 Was denied. "We have reviewed your request and your reservation and find that you did not book a Wyndham WebRate reservation; you actually booked the cancellable rate on The Webmatch Guarantee Program is valid only for reservations booked utilizing our Wyndham WebRates. The WebRates are fully restricted--that is they are fully prepaid at the time of booking and are non-changeable, non-cancelable and non-refundable once the reservation has been confirmed. Your current reservation can be changed or cancelled prior to arrival and you did not have to prepay at the time of booking. Due to the fact that you do not have a WebRate reservation booked, we cannot process your request and we must deny it at this time."

The "prepay" webrate was $98.00, so still beat that by $10, but I do not prepay for hotel stays. It's just too risky unless you are willing to pay the Webrate noncancellable rate.

David said...

Sounds like sheer luck on the part of a few readers, and others perhaps confusing Wingate with Wyndham.

I agree, Wyndham's aren't worth the risk unless you have no other choice. I'd only do a Wyndham BRG if I was going to a place like the Bahamas where I'd need to book a hotel anyways since Triprewards hotels don't exist.