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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Expedia 24 Hour Sale

Expedia has one of the most pathetic 24 hour sales I've yet seen. It's so bad, they're not even advertising it on their website. is, though. Nevertheless, there was not one BRG opportunity this week.

I was hoping for the Wingate Orlando Airport. Maybe next week.


Anonymous said...

With regard to the SKOOSH website rates, I have had BRG reject them on the grounds that SKOOSH sells vouchers, rather than booking hotel night reservations on the internet.

Will BRG always reject SKOOSH lower rates?

David said...

Yes, unfortunately, because Skoosh issues printed vouchers, it is not an eligible site anymore for BRGs. They ceased accepting claims in January.

For more detailed information, read the Skoosh articles in my blog. You can find these by searching "Skoosh" in the Google search box on the top of the page.


Anonymous said...

Maybe people are finally realizing that EXPEDIA is a scam. Source:

David said...

Scam or no scam, Expedia has consistently cheaper rates at many Triprewards-branded hotels, resulting in thousands of dollars of free rooms for me via BRG claims.

This blog should be your best friend, in that case, since none of us are likely to ever give Expedia any money (I've only bought one hotel from them in the past year). But because of their low pricing structure, Triprewards gives me free rooms. I can't complain.