Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's still around - LAX Travelodge South - Los Angeles, California

This one comes and goes, but it is generally one of the best BRG opportunities in the country in terms of availability. I've only missed a couple dates I've needed, otherwise this one is always around.

The key here are two sales Expedia has for this property. One is the "Early Booking Bonus", where you must book between 14 and 30 days out, in order to get it to price at 20% less than Triprewards. The other is the last minute sale - it's always discounted 24 hours prior to check in. The only cases where this one will not work for you is if you require it between 1 and 14 days after booking.

This is generally a good hotel - no frills by any means, but a good basecamp for exploring LA, and right next to the airport. There isn't much airport noise, which means a good night's sleep isn't hard to get. Breakfast is included, and the staff are usually quite friendly. It's in the process of being remodeled, but there is not much noise to complain about. The property keeps getting better every time I visit in terms of looks, comfort, and agreeableness. Limo service is included from the airport (private car hire).

Without further ado, here are the details, once again:

Competitor Website: http://www.expedia.com

Availability: Within 24 hours or between 14-30 days from today.

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Details: One Queen, Two Doubles, or One King. I find the King to be the most comfortable.

Rate variation: 20% less on Expedia if you follow the above rules.

Confirmed Approvals (Approver if known): At least 30. All but BT have approved.

Special Comments: This one's a no-brainer. You always should get this room, or you are doing something wrong.


d said...

thanks for the tip - i needed an LA room later this month, and expedia is showing the 20% off! sweet! i love this blog!

d said...

false alarm...triprewards.com is showing the same rates as expedia's 20% off, noted as a 14 advance purchase rate. no "best available" rates are listed. has this deal thus been thwarted??

David said...

Half-thwarted, it seems. This is truly sad news, as I'd always counted on this one for my LAX stays. The honeymoon is over, folks (at least if you need to plan in advance).

chenry626 said...

expedia has rate at 15% off if booked 2 days in advance.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

This is true - however, Wyndham Rewards also shows the property having a 15% off sale, therefore the BRG is not valid in this case (with some exceptions, which I will be posting in the near future).

-David/The BRG Blog