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Friday, May 16, 2008

Excellent discount code from National Car Rental (especially for the college crowd)

I recently ran into these National Car Rental discount codes that bring rental costs down to approximately $24.00 per day including full LDW insurance, free underage driving, and unlimited miles, as well as most taxes. Just $24.00 gets you off of the lot and down the road in a rental car of your choice.

The general consensus around the internet is that these are "complimentary codes" that originated with a UK-based travel agency. Many people (thousands) have reported success using these codes with no questions upon check in.

The codes are 8572957 or 8572967. Both seem to work in exactly the same manner.

NOTE: This code must be entered into the "CONTRACT ID" field on the website

These can also be coupled with free day coupons and other bonus coupons through your favorite airlines.

Many of us have no car insurance, are underage, or like to take rental cars across state lines where mileage may not be included. We all know how expensive cars can become when the $25.00 underage fee, the $25.00 LDW, and the mileage is added - a one day rental can easily exceed $100.00.

Don't fret about high rental car costs when planning your next trip. Just type in 8572957 and worry no more.

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gregdane said...

I tried using it today for 5/31- 6/3 in SEA and no luck- :(

David said...

It's still working fine - enter the code into the "Contract ID" field. This may be the problem. Sorry to confuse.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the code :)
got it to work..
will I be asked details about the contract ID (How i got it etc) when I pick up the rental car?

David said...

They won't ask you, but in the unlikely event that they do, just say "It's through Travel Solutions". That's what others have been saying.

I'm an Emerald Club member so I don't need to talk to anyone to pick up the car - just go to the lot, take one, and leave.

ooshawn said...

I can't get it to clear the underage fee. Any suggestions? All codes that claim to waive it don't, unless it's waived once I get there.

David said...

It did when I last checked the code.

If its no longer taking off the underage fee, there's one for University of Minnesota that I know does - it's on Fatwallet.

Anonymous said...

I tried to waive underage fee, but didn't work either. Still a great code though. Thanks!

Reigntrs8 said...

Name is Reign-

Hello all and BRG,

here is Code to take out under 25age: type it on Contract ID:5000491.

If over 25, its best to go with the the codes provided by BRG: the "57" or "67" code. Gluck all.

David said...

Sorry everyone!

I had seriously thought this code removed the underage fee, that was my understanding. I never did test that, though, as I'm over 25 and never really thought much of it. It was giving everything else free, so I probably assumed it gave the underage fee.

That's why the community is here, to keep me in line and accountable when I post bum information. I'm only human...

For those who are over 25, or uninsured, this code is a godsend.

Optix said...

Worked GREAT, thanks
Also a coupon for an extra $20 off NWEBCPN027

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Thanks Optix.

For anyone using Optix's excellent contribution, please bear in mind that the $20 off coupon will only work with a minimum 5 day rental length.