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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Learning to use Kayak for BRG searches, step by step.

I've long lauded Kayak as THE BEST way of finding BRGs. Coupled with a HotelsCombined search, it's really all you need to consistently find BRGs time and time again. Neither is completely perfect - Kayak searches many sites that HotelsCombined does not (ie. Wyndham), while HotelsCombined searches many sites that Kayak does not (ie. Priceline). Searching Kayak is necessary to get the Wyndham rates to appear next to competitors - and HotelsCombined can be loaded side by side for even more search results (as it does not compare anything to Wyndham, but just compares between competitors).

For those pressed for time and want consistent BRG finds (like myself), Kayak and HotelsCombined are time savers (especially for Orbitz since its next to impossible to compare that site on your own - so tedious). It's especially easy to find and locate BRGs on these sites, because you don't need to sift through mountains of rates for Holiday Inns, Best Westerns, and other non-Wyndham brands - all you need to do is check the "Wyndham" icon, and your search is instantly narrowed down on either site.

The following lesson provides step by step instructions on how to properly search Kayak to find free rooms. We've found over 900 free rooms thus far using Kayak, and it hasn't disappointed us yet.

HotelsCombined is essentially the same in every way, except as I mentioned before, the Wyndham rates do not appear in HotelsCombined - you need to compare them to the Wyndham rates shown in your Kayak search. Might take a bit longer, but you will find yourself with heaps of free hotel rooms if you do so!

Let's begin the lesson right on the front page of the Best Rate Guarantee Blog.

First, click the Kayak banner to do your search.
This supports the blog and helps keep it online, at NO COST to you.
Thank YOU for your heartfelt support of our work!

Now enter your search terms.

Then narrow your search results to ONLY the Wyndham Hotel Group.
Note that the above photo says "Triprewards" but it has since been changed to "Wyndham Hotel Group".

HotelsCombined's interface requires you to select "Wyndham"
and then click a small "go" button, to the right.

Now look through the search results and compare rates.

We found one BRG right on the first page!

Another BRG is lurking on the second page. This one's a good catch.

Now we need to verify that the rates actually exist.
So, open the links in a new window.

Orbitz shows a King Bed room for $154.81

Ramada has the same room for $169.99



photonfilm said...

great tip.. can you please let us know how to do BRG for Canada? I found a BRG for montreal with Days Inn and Orbitz. Days inn was in canadian dollars and orbitz was in US dollars (even though there was a big difference)

David said...

Simply put, you need to find a competitor rate that lists in Canadian Dollars. Some Orbitz rates do and some don't. It's hit or miss.

Anonymous said...

Newbie Questions to finish out the example to the final conclusion:

Do you need to book on wyndhamrewards.com or any of the Triprewards branded hotel sites? Using your example of the BRG found we would book on Ramada.com?!

Now that we are booked, how long do we wait until we file our clam at Triprewards or does it even matter as long as it is within 24 hours (and we don't book within 72 hours of our stay)? Suggestions basically.

If they reject the claim, we try again do we have any time limits to respond back to the rejection with our documentation / screen shots etc?

Say we did the BRG incorrect... can we cancel the room without being charged (What would be the restrictions (links are good as I can read when not being lazy :>)?

Reading around we pay for the booking in advance... when is the refund issued or how does that work?

Now we are at the hotel... we pay our taxes and say thank you, no questions with this ;)!

Thanks for the Blog!!!!

Pam said...

Thanks for this. That is really interesting! I am going to have to try this myself. I always just assumed that the hotel has the cheapest rate. I'll definately been reading more articles in this blog, because I have never "filed a claim" before, and it looks like it may be worth my time to learn.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

With over 300 free rooms under my belt, I can fully testify to this promotion's excellency. Glad to have you on board our community, and thank you for supporting the work that we do here by doing your Kayak searches through our links (at absolutely no cost to yourself). Thanks for your interest in our website!

Jason said...

I am trying to to a brg for a super8 in canada via the Hotels.ca website, but I cant get a direct link to the actual billing part. Any ideas?

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Kayak is only set up to transfer people to the American counterparts of the big websites, so, you'll have to search it manually.

Usually, when I see Hotels.com listed on Kayak results for a Canadian hotel, I just pop open a new window and manually search Expedia.ca or Hotels.ca to find the rate. I wish Kayak had Canadian website integration, but as of yet, it doesn't.