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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Screenshot Advice: How to rescue yourself from disappearing rates



Red Lion and possibly Wyndham Hotels and Resorts may still accept them, so we will leave this post as is. Please do not attempt to send a screenshot to Wyndham Rewards staff, as it will not be looked at.

There is currently no way to prove that a lower rate ever existed for Wyndham Rewards hotels.

See the post here for that announcement, and why.

And see the post here for Wyndham's official statement on the matter.

The original post:

Screenshots are absolutely essential to make sure your claims go through - cheaper rate or no cheaper rate.

What is a screenshot?
A screenshot is just that, a snapshot of your computer screen. It proves that the rate was visible to you and available for booking.

What page do I take a screenshot of?
Only the final booking page. Anything else is irrelevant and not valid at all.

What information do I need in a screenshot?
Your screenshot can have nothing less than the following. Miss any of this, and you're screwed. You need: 1) Hotel Name (and preferably address), 2) Room Rate before taxes, 3) Number of people in the room, 4) Date of check-in/check-out, 5) Credit card entry area (the worlds "enter credit card information" will suffice"), 6) Date and time of the screenshot (you need to hover over your computer's clock or raise the window bar up to show the date and time).

How can I make a screenshot?
You can either download a screenshot program (Google search 'screenshot program') or do it my preferred way, the old fashioned way. Simple get the information you need on the screen, then hit "PRT SCR" on your keyboard. Nothing will seem to happen, but you have taken the photo. Now, go into a photo editing software (ie. Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Paint) and paste it in. The screenshot will magically appear. Now, save it.

Now what do I do with the screenshot?
That all depends on if you have a web server or not. If you have a website or web address, then upload the picture file to the internet and refer the claims staff to that file on your website in the "Special comments" box of the claim form. If you don't, you'll have to wait to be denied before being able to attach the picture file and send it to them via e-mail.

Here are some examples of good and bad screenshots:
Example:, June 1-2, 2008, at the Days Inn Colby Kansas

Bad Screenshot....Just the search results

Another Bad Screenshot... Just the rate details

Getting closer - the final booking page,
but missing the current date and the room details

Voila - the perfect screenshot.
Room details, and current date and time, and Payment info field.

Enjoy making screenshots!
They're guaranteed to get you more free hotel rooms. I promise!

And as always, please BE HONEST with your screenshots.

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