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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Vacation time: What to expect over the next four weeks

Well, it's time for another vacation here, all free on the BRG (25 nights in total).

I will have internet access during the time I'm gone and should still be able to bring you content, but I am relying on YOU (yes, that's you reading this) to bring me BRGs to post. I won't have the time (nor the desire!) to spend valuable vacation time searching for BRGs (but I'm an addict, so we'll see).

If you'd like to submit a BRG you've found while I'm away, email it to me at bestrateguarantee @ gmail . com

I've set plenty of auto-posts (mostly lessons on how to maximize BRGs as well as some good travel deals I've found). These should cover my daily readers while I'm away. I will be checking my email, though, and you can expect every submission to be posted. I'll try to make it seem like I haven't even left.

Bon voyage,

The BRG Blog

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your trip and time away... yet again thanks to Triprewards!!!