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Monday, June 23, 2008

Featured Site:

One of the greatest joys of running a blog is the community that exists behind the scenes, scouring the internet for deal after deal, sharing them between one another, and being able to feature each other's excellent work on our websites. I only share websites of the highest quality and stature here, so you will never be referred to anything that's sub-par. Today, I'm going to share with you the website of my good friend and blog partner, FrugalTravelGuy.

If you haven't yet heard of FrugalTravelGuy, there's no time like the present to become acquainted. A former mortgage broker turned travel guru, Rick Ingersoll is at the top of his game, churning out the hottest travel deals and news every day on his daily blog, as well as sharing with you other hot travel deals on his excellent website.

The great thing about Rick's sites is that they have a lot of variety - there's always something going on. Whether it's the latest car rental deal, airline mile banking promotion, or just a selection of great travel coupon codes, if you want to learn about the most up to date promotions in the travel industry, and FrugalTravelGuy.Blogspot.Com are THE PLACE on the internet to go.

Personally, I've saved hundreds of dollars by following Rick's blog, learning about hidden coupons, obscure travel promotions, and ways to earn valuable airline miles. Like the name says, his site is about FRUGAL TRAVEL. Travel done cheaply, and nothing more. It's the perfect site for anyone wanting to, as he promises, SAVE money today and for the rest of your life! It's not simply a cliched motto or slogan - it's a valuable promise, and one that Rick delivers on consistently, and takes to heart to fulfill.

And on a more personal note, this guy is one of the World's nicest guys. I had the pleasure of meeting him in South Carolina last month. If you ever need help, at any hour of the day, this guy's here for you to MAKE SENSE of the travel world. Rick's also a guest contributor here on the blog, and you can expect to hear from him intermittently over the life of this blog.

I urge you all to try out Rick's site - it's almost impossible to be disappointed.

Start today by visiting his deals website and his daily updated blog.


sj said...

I'm not quite sure the "latest" car rental deal is working, I've spent much time trying to get the coupon code to work at 6 different locations, via the bmi website and I keep getting this:
If we have to rent it for more than one day, it's not as appealing.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

I'm not terribly familiar with this deal as I haven't taken part in it myself, but I'll forward your comments on to Rick at the FrugalTravelGuy blog and perhaps he can comment here about the rules of the promotion and whether they have changed or not. From what I know from him, this deal is available for one day rentals.

FrugalTravelGuy said...

Once the deal hit and Hertz saw the response, it was changed to a three day minimum and you are correct it is not appealing with that discount. As with every deal, coupon, mistake, fare war or whatever I post, it will always be good at the time of posting. With the net getting as popular as it is for these kinds of offers, "YMMV" has never been more appropriate. "Your Mileage May Vary" and I was shut out last night too.