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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Questions? Requests? Open mike this weekend, feel free to mingle...

The Best Rate Guarantee Blog is available all this weekend to answer your questions and help search for your requests. No promises on finding anything, but I'll try to help.

So, if you have any questions you need answered or need to find a BRG in a specific place on a specific day, feel free to comment on this post and we'll see what we can do for you.

- The BRG Blog Team

This post will appear at the top of the blog until Sunday night, for your convenience. Feel free to join the conversation. Don't forget to check the posts directly below this one, where new BRG deals may pop up. This one will move down the blog list beginning Sunday night at midnight.


Briana said...

Hi D,

I've been looking for a room in Boston, any day would help... sep 25th-30th.

Vegas Oct 11th... thanks guy, you're the best!

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

I did a brief search for those cities and dates and didn't come up with anything. It's a bit too far out still. August-ish will prove to have the best sales for October, and you're much more likely to find success at that point.

Keep checking back. I'll add them to my calendar to make sure to keep my eye on them.

zendo said...

Do you think you could keep an eye on San Francisci please from 29th Sep. onwards.
Thanks an awful lot.

nan20052 said...

I submitted a Wyndham BRG claim on Thursday afternoon for a Days Inn, it's now Sat. afternoon and no reply. Should I email them, cancel the room and rebook or do something else? Any advice is appreciated.

chenry626 said...

pasaden or alhambra area for july 5th please

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

They're very swamped right now, but luckily (maybe unluckily for them) they now work weekends so you can expect to hear from them soon.

If you don't hear by Monday, cancel and re-file.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

I'll definitely keep my eye on San Francisco. Have you checked the downtown Ramada Limited that was posted last week?

I'll check out Pasadena/Alhambra later on - FreeRoomGuy is our resident California expert, perhaps he can shed some light on where to find a few free rooms there.

alexmag said...

do you guys see anything for vegas the weekend of July 26 to July 27?

I saw that has a version of best rate guaranteed. do you guys have any experience with that?

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Personally I have no experience with the best rate guarantee. The terms state, though, that they'll give you double the difference back. This may be useful for casinos, but not so much for Wyndham BRGs. It would take a huge difference for this to beat Expedia's $50, but it's possible. If you could find a price difference greater than $25, it would pay off, but for a $5 difference, Expedia's probably the better best rate opportunity.

Looks like the 25/26 is a busy weekend in Las Vegas - I'm doubtful a BRG will be available, but stranger things have happened. We'll keep our eyes open for one.

Jenny said...


I tried to get a room in Seattle using, but got the following response:

Thank you for contacting the Days Inn Customer Care Department. There are several websites that provide qualifying rates for the Best Rate Guarantee., however, is not one of them due to that particular section of their terms of use. Feel free to contact our office if you have any further questions.

That was after they told me:

Please be assured that we have thoroughly reviewed your inquiry. While we were able to view the lower rate on display, unfortunately that rate is not guaranteed as the website states under the User Agreement "Rates are only guaranteed after receipt by Operator of full payment. Adjustments to rates will not be made after full payment, nor shall any subsequent rate reduction be made retroactive. Rates and schedules are subject to change without notice prior to payment." If you believe there is a discrepancy, please provide us with additional information.
We will gladly research this inquiry further.

I'm looking for the night of August 17th. Any suggestions?


SHC said...

We are looking for Harrisburg/Hershey for any Sunday during the summer. So far we haven't had any luck finding anything, but if you run across something I would be very grateful.

Anonymous said...

I searching a long time for
2th-4th Sept. I need a room in Montreal.

But the most (orbitz....) give the price in USD, for freenights need CAD.

Has anywhere an idea?
Thank you very much

Anonymous said...

I've been long time looking for a room in Boston or around too.
Sept 5h + 6th

and NY Sept. 8th and 9th,
but have not lucky.

it's too far out? think you I've a chance?

thank's so much for helping

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles, June 28th - July 7th, if you find any I would be eternally grateful! Thanks for this great site.

FreeRoomGuy said...

I thoroughly checked out the Las Vegas area for July 26 and October 11 and found nothing at this time. Doesn't mean something won't pop up soon so I will continue checking back in the coming days and weeks. Rates change there constantly.

FreeRoomGuy said...

Alhambra/Pasadena will be challenging but I will take a look around. Let me know if you would consider surrrounding communities around there such as Hollywood, Burbank, etc. While still a challenge to find, they seem a bit more obtainable.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said... is an unequivocally bad website for BRGs. I believe it used to work a while back, but now, like Skoosh, the BRG department found a clause that they can use to deny free night stays. They have every right to do so, though, as the competitor website is indeed ineligible, as the rate is not guaranteed until after payment. BRG staff love to hear "rate not guaranteed", it's music to their ears.

I'll check out Hershey/Harrisburg right now and let you know what I find.

bavariagirl...the best sites for Canada are Canadian websites like,,,, and others. Orbitz sometimes works - check if the hotel charges in CAD but quotes in USD. If the charges are in CAD on the final booking page, you should be able to file a claim against it.

brigi...It's probably too far out still. There was another Boston request earlier for the fall, so we'll be sure to keep our eyes out for one during that time. Right now, though, pickings are slim.

anonymous...I've had several Los Angeles BRGs that have worked for me during the exact same timeframe. Have you checked if any of the ones recently posted work for your dates? Check that out, and if they don't, contact me via email ( and I'm sure I can find you something suitable.

Gina said...

I'm new to this and have a general question:

Is it possible to get a Saturday night stay anywhere? So far, I'm trying various cities on various dates for events (weddings, etc.) that we have coming up. So far, I can't get a single opportunity to even try a claim.

Specifically, I'm looking for Boulder, CO, for Sat. August 16th. We're happy to stay anywhere between Denver Airport and Boulder; the wedding's in Boulder.


Anonymous said...

Hello I am wondering what is the "pre-paid voucher program", as I submited the claim form to super8 for Page AZ, Nov28-29 and got the response that the rate from website such as "" is a "pre-paid voucher rate" and not qualified for a free night.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...


I just posted a Denver hotel this morning, but I'll look for Boulder for you right now. I'm sure something will pop up by the 16th of August. If you're willing to drive from Englewood, you may be able to use that one if I can't find you an alternate one.

If you want to learn more about BRGs and how they work, consider reading the newbies guide, which is periodically updated with lessons and useful information.


A prepaid voucher site (Skoosh and GTAhotels specifically) are sites that issue the end-user a printable voucher that must be taken to the hotel in order to check in. Basically, these sites buy rooms in bulk, and sell you a room through these vouchers at prices that they set. It's pretty annoying why they won't accept them (they used to) but the BRG staff are very adamant that these sites cannot be used for claims.

Case in point, don't even waste your time claiming anything against those sites - you will always be denied, no matter how big the price difference.

FreeRoomGuy said...

I used to get free rooms through, but not anymore. Probably should not use lastminutetravel to try for BRG's anymore. I kept trying, but got that same response!

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...


Your free Denver hotel is on its way. Not quite at the airport, but I hope it will be "good enough" for you.

It will be posted within the next ten minutes.

Anonymous said...


I'm looking for Miami area hotels week of July 1st to July 5th..


anne said...

In anybody's experience, are you able to brg one room with one name and another's name? Say, one in my name, card, etc and another in my husband's name, card. Do they normally deny those claims if they see 2 people with the same last name making the claims for the same weekend?


Dave @ The BRG Blog said...


It's all in the address. As long as person #1 and person #2 have different listed addresses, then the claim will go through.

Different names under the same physical address are an instant denial.

Jenny said...

Thanks for the response. If you happen to see anything for Aug 17th in Seattle, please let me know. I'll keep looking as well.


Dave @ The BRG Blog said...


There is a Travelodge Suites in Auburn, WA (south of Seattle) that was available yesterday. I'm going to list that one on the blog tomorrow.

Alan said...

I am looking for a hotel at the San Francisco Airport on July 5.

Also, I am looking for a hotel at the SEA-TAC Airport on July 2.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello: I am always looking for Mackinaw City MI (or Saint Ignace, right across the bridge). I frequently check kayak (using the link from this site), but never come up with anything. If you wouldn't mind double checking to make sure I'm not doing something wrong, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for all that you do...

US said...

Hello BRG Team.
I have been searching for a room in Niagara falls, New York area.I tried for last 2 weeks. Tried KAYAK almost everyday, Orbitz,, reservetravel etc...I could not find it for any weekend in I tried looking for other city nearby (even Syracuse) but no luck...Looks like it will take an expert to find one. I contacted David but no luck till now.

Please please please help me out !!

The said...

1 request, and several questions that will help everyone.

My Request: State college, pa - June 29 (or anywhere along I-80 in PA)

Has anyone tried multiple hotels back to back in same cities or different cities? Like stay in a ramada one day, and days inn the next?

For Wyndham hotels, has anyone gotten them to BVG against the best available rate? I noticed they dont always have a webrate.

Is Bryan Triebold the only guy working on BVGs? Or are there others?

Their site says they don't operate on weekends... How do they compare to rates that are on the weekends then? rates can change on the competitors sites.

JTBaller said...

Would you guys be able to find something along the northern new england coast for the weekend of July 18 - 20. I've been on the lookout for a hotel on the coast anywhere from Boston all the way up to Bar Harbor, Maine but have yet to find one for that weekend. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

S said...

Has anyone tried multiple hotels back to back in same cities or different cities? Like stay in a ramada one day, and days inn the next?

Yes, I stayed three consecutive nights in Nashville at three separate hotels, all BRG's.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Alan...If you're not too picky about location, I just posted a Seattle metro area hotel (Auburn Travelodge) and David just posted a San Francisco Days Inn. I hope those could be of use to you, as Seattle and San Francisco are hard to come by these days.

anonymous...I'll definitely take a look today and let you know if I find anything in the St. Ignace area.

us...I'll take a look again in Niagara Falls, but it is extremely hard to get a room there these days. The hotels are being extra careful.

the...I'll check out I-80 in PA later on today and report back what I find.

As for your questions:

1. Yes, that is the beauty of BRGs, staying in different hotels and creating a two week vacation for free. I just came back from three weeks in Florida, 21 nights at 7 or 8 different hotels.

2. I think Wyndham (Hotels) is changing their terminology from "Webrates" to "Best Available". Regardless, if you book the non refundable rate on Wyndham, it is the same as the old "Webrates" and you can file a claim through their best rates department using that.

3. There are about 6 staff members at the Best Rates department, all of whom respond to claims. In the past week, I'd say 3 of those 6 were involved in my claims.

4. Officially, they don't work on weekends, but in reality, they do. I recieved many emails from them on Saturday and Sundays. But, as a general rule, don't expect them to work on weekends - it may just be that they're busy and needing to catch up right now. If rates change over the weekend, a well-made screenshot is all the proof you'll need that the rate did exist and was available. See the lesson on screenshots in the newbies guide on the front page.

JTballer...I'll give the northeast coast a look today and let you know if I find anything. There should be something out there.

sj said...

I'm looking for the Seattle>>Tacoma area July 9th - July 14th.

I saw the Auburn Travelodge option and completed a one night reservation and filed the BRG.

I'm hoping to find other locations, as I don't think can we repeatedly check in and out of locations to get several free nights?

By the way if you check into the Ramada Limited DT San Francisco, I encourage you to ask for a room at the main hotel, not the annex.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Thank you for the advice.

If you're looking for Seattle, keep your eye on the Seattle Travelodge University - it's often cheaper. It usually shows up well on Kayak. Sometimes it lists non-ref, but I've had some recent luck with it. Give it a shot.

Anonymous said...

Hi, will a claim be approved if it's a non-fundable purchase on a another website but that option is not offered on wyndham?

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Probably not, as the cancellation terms need to match up in order to qualify.

The said...

Has anyone been successful doing BVG with I mean the normal hotel search, not the name your own price. Priceline usually requires prepayment even though it's fully refundable.

Anonymous said...

2 Questions:

1) I got a BRG for Days Inn Nashville Downtown for 7/4. The hotel reviews say it's not the best neighborhood, etc. Has anyone used a BRG to stay here and was it okay for a family with kids?

2) I'm confused about the difference between Wingate and Wyndham and when to file which claim - is that written out somewhere?

Thanks, I'm having fun being a cheapskate

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

The...Yes, I've done many BRGs through Priceline. It's prepayment, yes, but so is Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and almost every other travel agency online who sells Merchant Rates. It's valid for BRG purposes because, as you said, the rates are refundable (minus travel agency convenience penalties).

anonymous... Days Inn Downtown Nashville is a pleasant enough hotel. It's a high-rise property and all interior-access, so you don't have anyone lingering on the balconies or anything. There's decent security and I wouldn't have any problems taking my family there. I wouldn't necessarily go walking around at night, but I wouldn't be afraid to sleep there.

As for your other question, Wingate by Wyndham is the budget version of the Wyndham (much like Hampton Inn is the budget version of the Hilton). Because it's a "budget" hotel, it's part of the Wyndham Rewards family - the claim form you find on

Wyndham Hotels on the other hand is a luxury, top-end chain not unlike the Hilton, Hyatt, Renaissance, or the Sheraton. Rates at these hotels rarely dip below $150 per night. They use their own BRG program (with their own set of staff), and totally different terms and conditions.

In other words, Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is the ONLY brand that uses the claim form. All other brands (Super 8, Wingate, Howard Johnson, Travelodge, Ramada, Baymont Inn, Days Inn, Amerihost, Knights Inn) all use the WyndhamRewards claim form.

On this blog "Wyndham" refers to the luxury Wyndham Hotels and Resorts chain. "Wyndham Rewards" refers to the group of cheapie hotels I just mentioned.

Sorry for the confusion, it was a lot easier when Wyndham Rewards was called Triprewards.

S said...

Seconding the BRG's comments about Nashville DI at the Stadium. It's a little worn around the edges, but it's fully acceptable. Especially for free and one night.

Dot said...

I am looking for the Salt Lake City area for June 27 & 28 with no luck so far. Any help from you would be greatly appreciated.

dorjen1 said...

Hi brg blog!

I'm looking for a room around JFK for July 13...

Thanks so much!!!

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Dot...I'll see what I can do about SLC. That is a rough BRG market.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...


I think we'd all like a NYC BRG. However, the hotels out that way are very good to keep their rates in line. If one pops up, you'll be the first to know. It would make headline news in the BRG world.

Travis said...

Hey Roadtripman.

My future brother-in-law plays football for Air Force. We're planning to go to the Air Force - Army game at West Point on Nov 1. I've looked for BRG rooms, and can't find any. If you've got time and want to take a look, I'd appreciate it. We're not picky! Thanks.

The said...

How long does it take for the wyndham folks to get back to you? Their site says 4 hours, but it's been more than 4 hours now. Maybe they're swamped?

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

They're very swamped - expect a minimum of a 12 hour wait from submission to response.

They should really update that "4 hour" statement.

JTBaller said...

Any Luck on that hotel for the northern new england coast?

Mike said...

I've seen several people say "if you want more than one room just fill out two individual claim forms and use two different addresses"

My question is, "is there any check in place that requires that you provide proof of said address? Either while trying to get your claimed approved, at the hotels counter or after your stay? Thanks!

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

No, nothing yet, sorry. I'll try to give it another look here sometime soon.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Generally, hotels check your ID to see if it matches up with the information on your reservation. The address you provide would probably have to correspond to an address on a piece of identification.

Jenny said...

I tried again using a rate I found at and was turned down again. Their response was:

The Guarantee applies only to published rates available to the general
public. This excludes private rates, packaged rates, rates involving a
prepaid voucher program, hotel rooms sold as part of a travel package,
corporate discount rates, group rates, meeting rates, any rates
requiring membership in a club such as AAA rates or AARP rates, affinity
program, or other organization where the rates are targeted toward a
specific group of individuals and not intended for the general public.

The rate you are viewing on is a prepaid voucher rate.
This information is given on the final booking page as well as the
Customer Care-User Guide page.

I seem to be having bad luck with this. I'm going to resubmit using a lower rate I found at Have you had luck using that site?


Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

GTAHotels is a no-go for BRGs. It's a voucher site, meaning you need a physical voucher (kind of like an I.O.U.) in order to check in. is also not valid for the same very reason.

Agoda looks like a voucher site to me - the room descriptions are vague and standardized (eg. Single, Double, Twin, Quadruple). There's no way the BRG staff will approve anything from that site. If they do, I'd be astonished

Ben Edelman said...


I've been looking for a BRG in Providence. Any leads? Quite flexible as to date. Many thanks!

I tried Kayak but came up empty. Then again, many of your best new finds seem to rely on sources that Kayak doesn't index.