Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Information on the new T&C's: One Room per month, not one claim per month

Update! Please note that this post was based on incorrect information that has since been redacted and clarified by Wyndham. The current terms and conditions allow for one claim per month; the number of stays in a given month is irrelevant.

Original Post:

There has been some confusion about whether it's one valid claim per month (ie. you must file claims one at a time every month, but you can stack those claims for a long vacation in one month) or one room per month (you can file claims as you see fit, but you may only have one free room per month - ie. you can't have 3 free rooms in September, but you can file 3 claims in September for stays in November, December, and January.

A reader sent me an "official" response from Wyndham, which points to the latter being true (sadly). Thus, to make use of your 12 free rooms per month, you would need to travel for at least one night every month. No more strings of free rooms to make the perfect vacation.

Here's the correspondence:

My reader's email:

"I do have a question about the new policy. The limit to one free
room per customer per month, I take it that means if I submit a successful
claim for a room during the month of July for a stay in August, I cannot put
in another claim in the month of July. It is the month of application, not
the month you are intending to stay?""

The official response from Todd Tucker:

"To answer your questions the new policy is that a person can have one
valid claim per month. Meaning if you submit a claim in July for August
and it gets approved that is fine. If you submit another claim in July
for July and it gets approved that is fine. You can still submit as many
claims as you want for what ever months you want, it is just simply down
to one valid Best Rate claim approved each month."


Bruce said...

I find this response ironic and more confusing. I tried to file a claim for a month I had no claim and received a denial saying I had already filed a claim this month.

So my response and the other response posted here leads one to think even the ones who approve or deny the claims do not agree on how this new rule is to be interputed.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

It's definitely a crapshoot. Boy I'd hate to work in that office with that much confusion and lack of communication between staff.

Someone needs to have a meeting, I think.

The said...

Same boat here. Was denied for a room stay in August because I already tried for a room stay on July 3rd.... I have no rooms scheduled for August.