Sunday, July 27, 2008

Super 8 Motel- Tulsa, OK

This one is still around and it's an easy BRG! This is a very rare "All Suites" Super 8 Motel!

Check the address carefully. There appears to be many Super 8's in town. Easily visible by searching Kayak.

Hotel Address: 12416 East 51st. Street, Tulsa, OK 74146

Competitor Website:


Sample Date: 8/30, 9/6 (and most any other date) Click here to check your specific dates

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Room Details: 1 King Suite, or (Upgraded) 1 King Suite w/hot tub

Rate variation: $52 Expedia/ $55 WR (King Suite), $59 Expedia/ $62 WR (King Suite w/hot tub)

Special Comments: Other room types may be available too (with availability).

This property has free parking and 70+ cable channels for you couch potato types like me!

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Click here to visit the hotel's official website.

Please remember to follow up and let us know if this BRG worked for you. Simply comment on this post! Thanks!


Blue said...

mine just got failed on the upgraded suite due to lack of direct mention of hot tub on expedia.... after my try for the regular king suite failed because they couldn't verify the room type.

so i dont think this one actually works at all anymore.

FreeRoomGuy said...

Sometimes the upgraded rooms are a little trickier to get because of the wording of the "exact" amenities you're getting. That is why, I suppose, booking the most standard type of room is probably best.

I don't blame you for going for the suite! I would do the same thing!

Funny, you and I (and they) know the suite rooms are a match, but they will look for any loop-hole to deny the claim it seems.

Still, the suite might get approved if someone gets a different reviewer. It's all in whether or not you want to take the risk!

FreeRoomGuy said...

After just noticing these rooms are all suites, I now wonder why you were denied?
They really are being picky! You should've been approved!!!

Blue said...

the killer mistake on the first round was on both expedia and, for their very basic room, for whatever reason, they have 2 listings.... both with the exact same name (king 1 suite) and description and the exact same price (52). again, common sense would say the rate is lower no matter which one of the identical ones they choose to use... but then, we arent playing a common sense game, so it lost.

the more expensive suite lost just by the mention of hot tub on the hotel site but not on the others.

the only other option is the queen room... which lists as 1 bed on both other sites and 2 beds on the hotel's listing, so a bigger difference.

both did get the same reviewer (kate), just a few days apart.

FreeRoomGuy said...

And Kate, in my opinion was always the best one!

I think we need all totally brand new BRG staff! No offense to them, but I think they need their summer vacations now!

If you ever are looking for more hotels around Tulsa, or anywhere for that matter, let me know. Maybe we can find you a more "solid" BRG next time!