Monday, July 21, 2008

Wyndham Chicago Downtown - Chicago, Illinois

Here's a Wyndham Webmatch BRG that comes to us from Mike (the terms of Wyndham Webmatch BRGs are substantially different than Wyndham Rewards BRGs - see more here). Prime location in the heart of Chicago and its many attractions. Remember, these are prepaid BRGs, and you will be repsonsible for the full cost of your hotel stay if you claim is denied. Luckily, many have had this one approved. This one can be found by searching Kayak for "Chicago" hotels.

Hotel Address: 633 N. St. Clair St, Chicago, IL 60611 USA

Competitor Website:


Sample Date: 8/13, 9/4, 10/22 (many dates available!). Click here to check your specific dates.

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Room Details: 1 King or 2 Doubles

Rate variation: Eg 8/13: $156.60 (either type), $206 (1 King), $224 (2 Doubles)

Special Comments: From Mike's email: " lists "Deluxe room - Nonrefundable" that covers 1 King or 2 Doubles. I made my reservation for 1 King and got approved in less than
3 hours. You should be able to book either the single king or two doubles via Remember, Wyndham brg's are only good on non-refundable rates, so claim and screenshot the nonrefundable option on They also use a different claim form; it's available here."

Click here to read Tripadvisor reviews of this property

Click here to visit the hotel's official website.

Please remember to follow up and let us know if this BRG worked for you. Simply comment on this post! Thanks!


Rei said...

I finally had the guts to book this non refundable room and was approved using expedia instead. My first BRG approval and it looks pretty darned nice.

The lower rates are only available Monday night through Thursday night. It's a bummer that the weekends can't be had for free. In any case, using either expedia or is a sure thing so book away. :o)

Mike said...

FYI, my claim was approved for a Friday night. When I put it through, said there were only two available rooms at the lower price. So it's possible that there are a few friday nights still floating around out there.

Anonymous said...

I booked for a Friday night stay in September. I used 2 screenshots from for the pre-tax rate and one for the post-tax rate. I received an approval response within ONE HOUR!!! I saved more than $320!