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Friday, August 15, 2008

BRGs are time-sensitive - you must act quickly!

Here at the Best Rate Guarantee Blog, we pride ourselves on bringing you random BRG opportunities, the occasional travel deal, and other ways to make your lives easier.

We post a variety of new BRG opportunities as we find them, and we welcome your contributions of the BRGs that you've found. We keep our content fresh, so there's always something brand new for you to read. That being said, almost nothing that we posted weeks or months ago will be valid or useful whatsoever (aside from lessons, news postings, etc.). The fact is, these BRG deals die as fast as we post them.

The nature of these deals is that they are time-sensitive.

So, just a friendly reminder that rummaging through the archives should only be done out of curiosity to find out what has been available before. If you want to try one, go for it, but don't always expect them to work. If you're lucky, a handful of them just might, however most will have long died.

And, if you're denied, take it with a grain of salt. It's worth trying, if nothing else.

Enjoy the BRG hunt, and welcome to our blog!