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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Costa Mesa, California- Wyndham Orange County

Here's an excellent Wyndham BRG opportunity contributed to us by reader Susan. This property is located in the heart of Orange County, CA. This is a great location for visiting Los Angeles, Disneyland, and many other places! Thanks for this nice chance for a free room! It's easily visible by searching Kayak.

Hotel Address: 3350 Avenue of the Arts, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Competitor Website:


Sample Date: 3/6 (and many others!) Click here to check your specific dates

Tip: Reader Susan informs us that this works as a BRG for Fridays and Saturdays from around March into October 2009, with the exception of April. This is unverified, so please use Kayak to test the dates you'd like.

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Room Details: Deluxe 2 Queen Beds

Rate variation: $139 Expedia or vs. $199 Wyndham Best Available Rate

or: $126 Expedia or vs. $179.10 Wyndham Non-Refundable Rate

Special Comments: The "lower" rate on Expedia and shows "Standard Room." Click this link to display the room type. It will show "Standard Queen or 2 Queens." In this case, only the "2 Queens" seems to work as a BRG.

Click here to read Tripadvisor reviews of this property

Click here to visit the hotel's official website.

Please remember to follow up and let us know if this BRG worked for you. Simply comment on this post! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wyndham disqualified my request for reason that not the same room description from Expedia (Standard room Refundable,Mar 08 2009). I could see the wording is different but the amenities seem to be the same. Not sure how I debate w/ them now. I'm going to sleep on it tonight & get back to them tomorrow. Haven't had any luck to get BGR w/ Wyndham or either my name is on their "watch list"!? :>) This is my 3rd rejection; they always make some excuse: max people over the limit when I had a child under 4 while children are supposed to be free of charge at the specified Wyndham, not able to make reservation at the site, etc.)

Anonymous said...

hmmm Mar 08 2009(Sunday) is not available for BRG claim... Friday & Saturdays only

Anonymous said...

I meant "Mar 07 2009".

Frank said...

This hotel can usually also be had for a 3-star $45 bid on Priceline. Not free, but also not too bad. Beware though parking is $15 here.