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Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Hotel You Filed a Claim on Will Never Know! Everything is paid for - In Full - as far as they're concerned!

One of the things to note about the "Expedia Rate" hotels is the fact that ALL TAXES are prepaid and the stay is settled BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT THE HOTEL.

Expedia has paid the hotel for your room, long before you arrive, at the rate that Expedia and the hotel mutually agreed upon. Even if you pay $0.01 for your room, the hotel still receives their negotiated rate through Expedia. The hotel is NOT being punished through the Expedia BRG. This is Expedia selling its own pre-purchased hotel inventory, and does not involve the individual hotel at all. The hotel will have no reason to be angry that you saved money. They receive their negotiated rate, in full - even if you file your BRG claim, nothing changes on their end. They've been paid long before you even thought to book the room!

While Expedia.com charges all taxes upon booking you may be required to pay the following at check-in/out:
-Resort Fees
-Energy Surcharges
-Parking Fees
-Breakfast Fees

Other than these miscellaneous items, ALL taxes are included in Expedia's rate quote!

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