Tuesday, February 24, 2009

FYI: The Mystery of "Mary Job", solved.

After hearing many conspiracy theories and unfounded rumors, we've now established that Mary Job does indeed exist, and all paranoia/suspense/gossip can be put to rest. A reader explains:

"A google search of Mary Job Wyndham reveals this picture and bio of a real Mary Job.

Based in Aberdeen, SD, Mary Job oversees the Wyndham Hotel Group Customer Service and Group Sales Department.


Now I imagine that Mary herself is not approving claims, likely her staff is approving them on her behalf, but she seems to be a real person."

I've spent the entire day preparing and packing for my departure overseas in the morning, so I'll admit, my post was written in haste, after a slew of emails regarding the "Mary Job" mystery caught my attention. I probably should have researched this further before playing in to all the hype/speculation! I'm humbled/embarrassed by the fact that the answer to this "mystery" was a mere Google search away.

Why she is responding to claims remains to be seen. It may be a step in the right direction - with upper management reviewing claims, they may be realizing that there was some fudging going on from some of the claims agents, and trying to do things the "right way". One thing cannot be disputed - it is strange for a high-ranking employee in the department to be replying to claims en masse.



TJ Kid said...

I do not care if Mary Job or whomever approves my claim. What used to take a few hours, my latest claim took almost 5 days to approve. I resubmitted it 4 times (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday) after not hearing anything. It looks like the staff was cut and this new person is swamped with claims. After a couple days of no approval when we were used to approvals in less than 24 hours, I was getting concerned. Cutbacks in staff are hurting everyone. Good news is the room was finally approved. This was a prepaid non refundable rate hence the higher concern when I heard nothing back for days. For now it is back to strictly refundable rates that I can cancel when I hear nothing back for over 24 hours.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

With the current state of the economy, the cutbacks would make sense. But, from what we've heard, people have been reporting approvals over the past few days by all of the "regular" claims agents. So, they're likely still all employed. Perhaps only their hours were cut?

I agree, the wait times are increasingly arduous. A 4 hour turnaround time is a 4 hour turnaround time - if they can't guarantee that, they shouldn't put it on the claim form.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do in fact have confirmation that some people have lost their positions in the Best Rate Department. Some have been demoted which may be an explanation and some have been let go. Hope this helps. And sorry to those families who have been affected/effected.

IwantaFreeRoom said...

Mary Job is Todd Tucker and Dawn Lillys boss... I've had the pleasure of speaking with her one time when I wasn't getting my way : ) I mean it should be clear as day to yall what and why the changes were made. The implemented a new email system that doesn't use personalized names anymore it just says "customer care" this helps their employees so they don't have frustrated BRG'ers constantly sending personal email to specific memeber of staff... now they just all go to the same place. Im pretty sure all the old emails are not active anymore since the change. They don't want to put specific names anymore so the customer can't single them out... rather they use Todd's boss to keep things neutral between their customers and their employees.

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

Anonymous...if this is the case, how are they still approving free room claims?

Iwantafreeroom....that sounds about right.

John said...

I had a couple of rooms approved today. One was from Mary Job and the other was just a general email address.

One question I have is the one from Mary was actually thanking me for staying in the hotel that I got my claim approved for. Otherwise the wrong form letter was sent. I have the new confirmation showing the $0.00 rate however. Do you think I need to email back to get the normal form letter saying after reviewing you will be getting a complimentary room, blah, blah blah?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave,
I have the same:
I have the new confirmation showing the $0.00 rate however. Do you think I need to email back to get the normal form letter saying after reviewing you will be getting a complimentary room, blah, blah blah?

Did have a problem with this?

Thanks so much

Dave @ The BRG Blog said...

No, this will not pose a problem for you. You can just show up to the hotel, and pull your $0.00 reservation up online.