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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kayak Does An About-Face From Yesterday!

Yesterday we noticed that Kayak was displaying "total room costs" rather than the "room rate" in their hotel searches, and even made mention of this intended change on their website. Today however, we've noticed Kayak to be back to it's old self, posting the rate once again! What's going on? ... we really have no clue. Was it a glitch? an experiment? Maybe time will tell. In any case, have fun using Kayak and good luck in your searches! We'll keep an eye on it for you!

1 comment:

TJ Kid said...

I've been seeing this come and go on Kayak for the last week or two. Sometimes I check and see the rate plus taxes and fees. Sometimes it is just the rate. No idea on what is going but it just reminds us to look ever more carefully for those deals.