Thursday, August 13, 2009

The "Double The Difference" Best Rate Guarantee

I'm winding down my steady stream of recent Las Vegas postings with a reminder of a great deal lurking out there on the net. It's not a big secret by any means, but some of you may never have even heard of it.

As most of you are well aware, there are quite a significant number of Best Rate Guarantees out there being offered by the major travel websites. Wyndham is just one among many. We all know how these guarantees work - book a room on your favorite travel site, locate a lower rate on one of the competitor's, and after verification has been made of your "lower rate found", your booking cost will be adjusted to match it, or in many cases, even be reduced by an additional 10%.

What if a travel site offered a "Double The Difference" Best Rate Guarantee? One such site is doing just that ... and it's been around for quite awhile too. You can take advantage of this BRG at So if you're a Vegas addict like me and frequently stay in Sin City's numerous hotels, why not find out about how it works?

Here's an example of a real BRG I found for a major Las Vegas hotel: has a listed rate of $31 for a "Standard Room"
Expedia offers this same "Standard Room" for the same night @ $21

*Book the $31 rate and ... will then refund your credit card "Double The Difference" found. (up to $150!) In this case, $10 doubled = $20, for a final grand total booking cost of just $11. Just fill out their online claim form to make this happen. After the doubled difference is refunded to your credit card, this is all you'd be paying for your accomodation for that night! You may also do this for multiple night stays!

This is one of the best BRGs out there now that the Wyndham freebies are no longer an option. It's unfortunate that a BRG as strong as this one is found on a website strictly aimed at Vegas area hotels. It would be a wonderful thing if other travel sites would take a hint from and present us with a BRG as generous as theirs. Keep your fingers crossed that perhaps that day will soon come! In any case, hats off to you guys over at for this wonderful opportunity! I hope some of you will take advantage of it!

CLICK HERE for the complete rules and info on the BRG. Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

For BRG what happens if you book 3 nights? Do I get $60 back ( 3 times $20 ) ?

FreeRoomGuy said...

If the rate difference is the same for all 3 nights, then yes, you'll be refunded $60. They will refund the difference up to a $150 limit.