Thursday, August 27, 2009

Easy 10,000 Priority Club Points for Partner Activity

Priority Club, the rewards program of the Intercontinental Hotels Group (including Holiday Inn), is currently offering up to 10,000 bonus points (enough for TWO free Pointbreaks nights) for completing activities with select partners. You must register online prior to completing the partner activities, and do so between August 20, 2009 and October 31, 2009. Points may take 10-12 weeks before posting, so be patient.

The details are as follows:

• Earn 1,000 points for the 1st unique activity
• Earn 2,000 points for the 2nd unique activity
• Earn 3,000 points for the 3rd unique activity
• Earn 4,000 points for the 4th unique activity

So, complete 4 unique activities, and you'll receive 4000+3000+2000+1000=10,000 Bonus Points!

From the Offer Terms and Conditions:

"A unique partner activity is defined as one partner transaction or Priority Club Point purchase between August 20, 2009 and October 31, 2009. A Priority Club Point purchase and a partner points to points conversion transaction are considered eligible unique activities. Points earned for purchases using your Priority Club Rewards Visa card count as one eligible activity.

Rental Car Partners: Hertz

Dining, Retail & Other Partners: Priority Club Rewards Shopping (one purchase); Priority Club Rewards Dining by Rewards Network (one restaurant purchase); e-Rewards (one e-Rewards currency redemption for points);;, Gift Sense™, Netflix; (point/mile swap for Priority Club points): Global Traveler, USA Today, Vinesse LLC, DIRECTV, Energy Plus™, Office Max.

Credit Card Partners: Points earned for purchases using your Priority Club Chase Visa card count as one eligible activity.

Real Estate & Financial Partners: Chase Home Equity; Chase Checking; LendingTree; Everbank, Sentry Insurance.

Vacation & Cruise Partners: Priority Club Cruises.

Other Eligible Activities: Priority Club Point purchase; points to points transfers with Membership Rewards; Diner’s Club; Bonus points count toward Gold and Platinum status.

Ineligible Activities: Priority Club Gift Points, Transfer Points, Holiday Inn Club Vacation, and airline partner activities are not eligible for this promotion."

It's easy to hit the 10,000 (two free nights) bonus. Here are my recommendations:

1. Buy 1,000 Priority Club Points ($13.50)
2. Buy an Itunes Track on Priority Club Shopping ($1.00)
3. Swap for one Priority Club Point on (free)
4. Buy a Coke at a Priority Club RewardsNetwork-listed restaurant ($2.00)

And there you have it, 10,000 bonus points for a less than $16.00.

This is a great deal if you want to stay somewhere nice, for a very small investment!

Click here to register here for the promo.

If you are not yet a member of Priority Club, please allow us to refer you before joining. We will receive 5000 points (one free night) for referring you, AND YOU WILL ALSO receive 5000 points (one free night) for being referred. Note that you WILL NOT receive the 5000 points for signing up on your own, so this is a win-win situation! To be referred, please contact us at!


David Z. said...

I did:
1-e rewards (created an Alaskan airlines frequent flyer which gives 500 bonus miles for signing up and then swapped them out)
3-bought 1000 points
4- suing coupon code TASTE-got a $10 GC for $0.80

My only question is, i got an email confirmation for everything i did except for the I used the link on Priority clubs website and immediately purchased it once there. How do i know it will register as a transaction?

FreeRoomGuy said...

"You just have to have faith. Dave has used Priority Club mall many times in the past, and all orders were tracked. Remember to book the item immediately after click and are taken to the page - don't surf around and return later. Generally, click-throughs work as they should. Dave ordered two items from the mall just to be safe (Itunes track and a $0.80 gift cert).

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the offer but when I go to My Offer Status, I get this message "You have not Registered for any offers".
Am i in the offer?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this offer does not show up under the "My offers status" tab.

As said before, you just gotta have faith.

FreeRoomGuy said...

You should print the registration confirmation that is emailed to you, to ensure that there are no problems down the road. If you've received the confirmation email, then you are registered!

Anonymous said...

Priority Club points purchase is done by; so I wonder whether points purchase and a transfer from will count as two transactions or only as one?

FreeRoomGuy said...

It should count as two individual transactions.

Anonymous said...

I had four activities - 1 point swapped at, hertz, e-rewards and 1000 points purchase; but they posted only 6000 bonus miles - looks like they counted purchase and point swap as a single activity.