Thursday, August 13, 2009

FREE $15 Hotel Credit from HotelClub (with no minimum purchase required!)

We all remember the HUGE $50.00 USD credits that HotelClub was offering last winter for creating a new account with them. Several thousand people milked that promotion for all it was worth, due to the fact that there was no clause in the Terms and Conditions that prohibited anyone from creating multiple accounts.

Since January, HotelClub has been pretty mundane with their promotions, usually offering huge dollar discounts with huge minimum spends to go along with them. Luckily, they're back in business with the "member dollars" offers, this time offering $15.00 off of your next hotel booking.

It might not be $50, but it's something...

Sign up and get your FREE $15.00 in HotelClub member dollars here, and then come back to the BRG Blog to support our work by booking your room through the link below:

Update 3:45 PM EDT: This deal appears to have died.


Sal said...

I tried to sign up for three new accounts. The first one I did not get the $15 credit so I tried a new account. After my third try and stil no credit, I gave up. Maybe the promo is dead or I'm doing something wrong.

Dave said...

I am seeing this too...

In fact, the member dollars I recieved when I tested this yesterday have now been expired.

I can only think of one thing: HotelClub monitors this blog and doesn't want any sign-ups. Sad.

Here is what my account shows:

Reference Date Description Member Dollars
BNS 12-Aug-2009 Bonus - Why Pay Full Price USD 15.00
BNS 13-Aug-2009 Bonus - Why Pay Full Price - Expired USD -15.00

Current Account Balance: USD 0.00