Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Travelocity Launches New Guarantee/Drops Cancel Fees!

A recently released announcement from discusses changes to their existing Guarantee. You'll now be able to file your claim ANYTIME - up to 24 hours prior to your reservation date. In addition, Travelocity has dropped their cancellation fees! Let's hope they leave it that way!

Those of you who enjoy locating Travelocity BRGs will want to learn the specific details regarding this change. You can also read the complete terms and conditions for this "new" Guarantee. More details about what these changes mean for the future will be discussed in the coming days. In the meantime, your thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

I just booked and completed my BRG with Travelocity. It was approved, but I was upset to find out that the $50 credit is only valid on stays of 2 or more nights. Is this new??? Are there any ways around this??

FreeRoomGuy said...

I don't recall seeing this detail mentioned in the "new" Travelocity BRG, but if this is the case, it doesn't surprise me one bit! The coupon was always good for a one-night booking with their former guarantee.

In fact, I'm wondering if they'll even issue a $50 coupon after this year. The guarantee states:

FOR CLAIMS MADE BETWEEN OCTOBER 22, 2009 AND December 31, 2009: One $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package booking on Travelocity will be issued.

I have to wonder, does this mean no more coupons in 2010? They hype this guarantee as being superior, but now I have my doubts!

You might try to see if the coupon code they issue you will work for 1 night. If it doesn't - we'll have our answer.

Anonymous said...

I did try it and no it did not work. I emailed them about this, but have not heard back, so we will see :(

Anonymous said...

So much for the travelocity BRG! I was thinking of giving them some business (not sure they'd really want it, but that's another matter).

FWIW, my observation is that they generally have worse rates than Expedia.

FreeRoomGuy said...

It sounds like Travelocity is attempting to make their new BRG "appear" more attractive than those of competitors (ie: dropping cancel fees and giving you up to 24 hours to claim), however, if they tamper with (or eliminate) the $50 coupon bonus, that's bad PR for them! I will book elsewhere. Let's wait and see what develops.

Any more info anybody learns regarding their latest claims, please pass it along.

Anonymous said...

It's me again..... Still no reply from them :( I think it is so sneaky that they dont advertise this in their terms. To me the phrase "One $50 Promo Code for a future "Good Buy" Hotel or Flight + Hotel vacation package booking on Travelocity will be issued." Is WAY different then "Future Trip Discount Awards in the amount of $50 or more are subject to a minimum stay of two nights." which is what it says on the certificate they emailed me. There is NO mention of this 2 night minimum on the website.

FreeRoomGuy said...

Sneaky yes, and it caught me off guard too! Give it a few days for their e-mail reply. If no response, try another. I'd love to hear what they say!

Anonymous said...

I filed a claim a few days ago, got an email responding to the claim but still no response as to resolution. Can't say I'm very impressed with the new & improved Travelocity BRG especially if it takes 3 days (perhaps longer?) to resolve and if the coupon has a 2 night minimum stay surprise. I'll let you know if/when I get a response... -Reep