Sunday, February 28, 2010

6000 Bonus Priority Club Points for 3 Partner Activities

The excellent Priority Club multipartner offer is back. They're capping the bonuses at three transactions this time around. One partner transaction will earn you the usual 1000 point bonus, two will earn you an additional 2000 points, and the third will earn you a 3000 point bonus, for a potential total of 6000 points. If you're looking to earn a free Pointbreaks night (heavily discounted properties, available for just 5000 points), this is a great opportunity to do so.

The best plan to take full advantage of this offer is to complete activities that are free or nearly free. Here's what I did: (swapped a couple of airline miles for 1 PC Point)
Priority Club Shopping (bought a $25 gift certificate for $2.00 using coupon code savor, which knocks 80% off your order)
E-Rewards (redeemed 30 e-rewards "dollars" for 1000 PC Points)

My out-of-pocket expense for the 6000 points: $2.00. Not a bad deal for what is essentially 1.2 FREE hotel rooms.

You must register for this offer at the above link.


David said...

Did anyone get the points for this? Its been a while and i havent...

Anonymous said...

I haven't either.

David said...

I got 5000 today for some reason which is strange because 5000 wasnt even one of the was 1k, 3k, or 6k