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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Resort fees at Vegas hotels: Who has them ... and most importantly, who doesn't! (Plus Vegas Buffets!)

If you're like me and enjoy the occasional weekend getaway to Las Vegas, lured by the cheap hotel rates, cheap food, and the overall savings a Vegas vacation can offer, then you'll probably enjoy the information this post will provide you with. You may, in fact, wish to share it with your Vegas-bound family or friends, so they too can save a few bucks.

Although a vast number of hotels in Las Vegas display some the lowest rates in the country on most travel websites, particularly during off-season months, a decent number of the larger resorts will have a surprise waiting for you at check-in. That surprise is in the form of an often unnoticed "resort fee". This fee has nothing to do with the rate you book. It is a separate charge collected at the hotel itself during the check-in or check-out process. Visitors who frequently book in Vegas are aware of this "hidden" fee, but of course, a great many people are not. It's usually mentioned in the smallest of fine print on the booking page - often going unseen.

Vegas.com, a site which I find to be one of the best for booking all of one's Vegas needs, has created a helpful list displaying these resort charges. It shows the hotels who have the fees, how much these properties will charge you, and most important to me, they name the hotels who WONT CHARGE YOU ANY FEES whatsoever! Click here to browse this list. The services that the fee covers are also shown. It's recently updated, so most everything on the page would be fairly accurate. I hope it helps you in picking out an affordable hotel that fits your budget.

And while we're on the topic of saving money, here's a handy link to all Vegas hotel buffet prices (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) courtesy of A2Zlasvegas.com. It too is very much up-to-date. I print out this list each year I head out to Vegas! Hope you enjoy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Even though a Vegas hotel shows a resort fee, you may not be charged it -- especially on a prepaid rez. I recently stayed at the Stratosphere, where I booked a very low prepaid rate on Expedia. I expected to pay an additional $7.50/night at the hotel, but it was never collected.

Not sure there's any way to game this, but keep it in mind when you book.