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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rate Mistake? Just a Dump? or Both? (Corning, NY)

For a rate of $10 per night, it must be a price mistake or a really undesirable place to crash for the night!

Regardless of what it is, here are the details:

Budget Inn - Corning, NY

(a $10 non-prepaid rate!) for all room types

Many dates in January, February and March!

Check various dates on either of these two sites:

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So what is it? I can't decide!

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Anonymous said...

Rates average 55 to 60 a night so thinks it is a mistake. Otherwise a homeless person can panhandle for about 30 minutes and they can party in a warm bed that night for 10 bucks

daves deals said...

I ONLY FIND $55-$58.. DEAD?

David said...

just checked 1/4 on both sites and the $10 rate is still there, so I'm assuming it's not dead just yet.

Anonymous said...

It works (you must click two guests to get that rate) but forget it. I booked for early January, 2 nights. I got a call today from the property telling me no go. I emailed Orbitz and they were unhelpful. They told me to cancel the reservation and rebook because they weren't going to back me up.