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Friday, February 8, 2008

Days Inn Hotel Circle - San Diego, California

Hotel Address: 543 Hotel Circle South

Competitor Website: www.travelworm.com

Availability: Scattered dates into summer and possibly beyond.

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Details: Travelworm's room description doesn't match up right away (it says Standard Room), but it does when you refer the Triprewards reviewer to the write-up of the hotel description. In that description, the room is stated as the same type as Triprewards (2 Queen Beds).

Rate variation: Rate varies, but is around 20-30% less than Triprewards.

Confirmed Approvals (Approver if known): KM

Special Comments: Be sure to get screenshots showing the details of the room. This is a great opportunity, and is still available as of today

Ramada Inn Boston

Hotel Address: 800 Morrissey Boulevard - Boston, MA

Competitor Website: www.expedia.com

Availability: Was available two weeks ago, possibly reoccuring.

Occupancy: 2 Persons

Details: Expedia showed a discounted advance purchase rate (with green slash through regular price). They often have these sales, so while it might not be available, check back. I recieved these nights successfully.

Rate variation: 10% less on Expedia. 10% discount was absent from Triprewards.

Confirmed Approvals (Approver if known): DJ, KM

Special Comments: 1 Queen Bed Room

Out of the Loop

I apologize for the wait for an update. I'm on the road right now and have been dealing with business outside of my hobbies, so sorry if you've been waiting on me for more.

I know I promised a slew of new BRG opportunities, but these were mostly expired before I had the chance to post. But, I'm going to post them anyways, as YMMV opportunities. They may appear again, I know that they have in the past. So, for now, enjoy some somewhat useless but potentially reoccurring BRG opportunities.